Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps offer the ultimate solution for transforming your car's color and look without altering the factory paint. Enjoy endless possibilities in color and design, all while preserving your car's original value. Wrapping is not only versatile but also cost-effective, making it a superior choice for a refreshing change without replacing your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

Preserve your vehicle's allure with our advanced paint protection film, also known as clear bra. It's self-healing and shields your car from rock chips, bugs, tar, and scratches. We specialize in protecting exotic cars with Xpel Ultimate Plus for a glossy finish or Xpel Stealth satin film for a matte look. Elevate your ride's appeal today!

Window Tint

Window tinting isn't just a trend—it's an art. We understand the importance of quality craftsmanship and superior materials, just like in clear bra installation. With top-tier window tinting film and expert installers, including those experienced with supercars, we guarantee flawlessly tinted windows for every vehicle.

Ceramic Coating

We offer ceramic coatings for all vehicle areas: exterior paint, trim, glass, and interior materials like leather and fabric. We also apply XPEL FUSION PLUS to enhance and revitalize paint protection film. Protect and enhance your vehicle with us!

Paint Correction

Paint correction is crucial before applying paint protection film or ceramic coating. Our expert detailers ensure a flawless finish, preventing imperfections from being sealed in. We also offer paint restoration for older vehicles, enhancing their appearance significantly.

Performance and Tuning

Enhance your vehicle's performance and aesthetics. From ECU tuning to brakes, we've got you covered. Elevate your ride with carbon fiber aero parts, radar detectors, and audio systems. Trust us for maintenance too!

Advertising Wraps

Maximize your vehicle's potential and transform it into a mobile billboard with our advertising wraps. Ideal for private cars and essential for fleets, these wraps amplify your brand's visibility and reach. Plus, utilize our professional car wrap design services to create eye-catching wraps for your brand or company fleet. Spread the word effortlessly!

Wheels and Tires

Elevate your vehicle's style with our premium custom wheels and rims. From sleek urban designs to rugged off-road options, we have the perfect solution for every ride. Stand out on the road with us!

Windshield Protection

Protect your windshield from costly replacements, especially crucial for high-end vehicles. Install Prime windshield protection film to shield against chips and cracks from road or track debris.

Vehicle Lifts and Modifications

Experience the ultimate off-road capability with Silicon Valley Customs' Lifts and Modifications service. From suspension upgrades to off-road bumpers, we've got you covered. Stand out with custom skid plates, lighting, and winches. Trust us for expert installation and maintenance to keep your adventure going strong!